Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi is one of a new breed of businessmen: the enlightened entrepreneur. He has been writing code since he was a 5-year old, sitting at his dad’s knee at their Apple II computer. Having such a deep affinity for the computer model, it is no surprise that at the age of 17 he began to delve deeply into the inner workings of the human mind. He became a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming and other mind technologies, and then went on to study metaphysics. He is certified as an NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy practitioner.

Using all of his accumulated skills, at the age of 24, Andrew began his consulting business, Mystic Coders, LLC. Since the inception of Mystic in 2000, Andrew has been building the business and studying finance and economics as he stays on the cutting edge of computer technology.

Achieving a clear mind by controlling social media

Day 3 - 29th Nov 12:30-13:20 Hall 7 #CM Advanced Novice

With the advent of the always-on network and smartphone constantly by our sides it has become much more difficult to achieve a clear mind. Stop letting social media and the always-on network rob you of precious moments of a clear head. Learn how to extract joy from the real moments that exist online and not become a slave to the fantasy world of social media.


Serverless deployment with AWS

Day 1 - 27th Nov 18:10-19:00 Hall 7 #CM Advanced Novice

Gone are the days that required a developer to work with IT to provision a physical machine and add it to a rack. Learn how to write code that runs without a defined machine and only on demand. In this talk we’ll introduce many of the products provided by Amazon and deploy an API using Python to AWS Lambda without an EC2 machine or ECS instance.