Luis Weir

Father, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Oracle Developer Champion and Ace Director, Luis Weir is a Chief Architect and API/Microservices evangelist in Capgemini. He is Very passionate about modern technologies, Luis has over 15 years of experience implementing complex systems in many parts of the world.

Co-author of 3 books and author of Enterprise API Management, as well as many articles and white papers, Luis is a frequent speaker at events such as JavaOne and Code events -most recently in London, Beijing, Sydney and SFO. Luis holds an MS in Systems Integrations from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and a BS in Electronics Engineering from UNE.

GraphQL as an alternative approach to REST

Day 1 - 27th Nov 15:20-16:10 Hall 7 #CM Advanced Advanced

Originally designed by Facebook to allow its mobile clients to define exactly what data should be send back by an API and therefore avoid unnecessary roundtrips and data usage, GraphQL is a JSON based query language for Web APIs. Since it was open sourced by Facebook in 2015, it has undergone very rapid adoption and many companies have already switch to the GraphQL way of building APIs – see

However, with some many hundreds of thousands of REST APIs publicly available today (and many thousands others available internally), what are the implications of moving to GraphQL? Is it really worth the effort of replacing REST APIs specially if they’re successful and performing well in production? What are the pros/cons of using GraphQL? What tools / languages can be used for GraphQL? What about API Gateways? What about API design?

With a combination of rich content and hands-on demonstrations, attend this session for a point of view on how address these and many other questions, and most importantly get a better understanding and when/where/why/if GraphQL applies for your organisation or specific use case.